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HPE Renew AJ716A


Off List Price


Quantity: 1 | Price: £5
Hewlett Packard Enterprise AJ716A. Data - More Product Details

HPE Renew J9150A


Off List Price


Quantity: 4 | Price: £70
Hewlett Packard Enterprise X132 10G SFP+ - More Product Details

HPE Renew J9591A


Off List Price


Quantity: 44 | Price: £80
The HP MSM 802.11n Dual Radio Access Poi - More Product Details

HPE Renew B7E20A


Off List Price


Quantity: 1 | Price: £5900
You need affordable storage designed for - More Product Details

A7984A HPE - no image


Off List Price


Quantity: 1 | Price: £25
- More Product Details

BK780A HPE - no image


Off List Price


Quantity: 1 | Price: £150
- More Product Details

517352-001 HPE - no image


Off List Price


Quantity: 46 | Price: £90
- More Product Details

HPE Renew Products

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HPE Tape Drives

Tape Drives

Refurbished Tape Drives

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HPE Software Licenses/Upgrades

Software Licenses/Upgrades

Refurbished Software Licenses/Upgrades

126 Products

HPE Network Switch Modules

Network Switch Modules

Refurbished Network Switch Modules

188 Products

HPE Tape Auto Loaders & Libraries

Tape Auto Loaders & Libraries

Refurbished Tape Auto Loaders & Libraries

25 Products

HPE Racks


Refurbished Racks

7 Products

HPE Solid State Drives

Solid State Drives

Refurbished Solid State Drives

141 Products

HPE Network Transceiver Modules

Network Transceiver Modules

Refurbished Network Transceiver Modules

67 Products

HPE RAID Controllers

RAID Controllers

Refurbished RAID Controllers

52 Products

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Discover HPE Renew

Affordable, Remanufactured Products that are as good as new.

HPE Renew offers an extensive portfolio of quality, remanufactured Hewlett Packard Enterprise products that give you the same reliability, same performance and same original HPE warranty as new HPE products. All HPE Renew products undergo a complete HPE remanufacturing and testing process, fully restoring them to meet HPE certified standards. They also come with additional service and support options that complement the original HPE product warranty. With list prices at least 15% below new, why would you choose anything else?